Sharon Phelps: recent work on paper

Sharon6The ‘Constructions’ series made in 2013 consists of taped and glued paper; compositions arrived at by a process of reconfiguration and editing – they are residues of the process of making. Folded, torn and cut, they are selected and positioned. A dialogue takes place between the works in progress as sections are removed, interchanged and layered. This process is not hidden from the viewer, who is able to re-interpret the narrative of the making procedures.

These compositions do not refer to anything that exists in the real world. Loosely based on the grid and the possibilities it offers for re-invention, they move beyond tight geometric forms to play with our perception of scale and our understanding of where the edges may be. Small compositions sit within larger pieces. The eye picks up primary elements quickly, but is rewarded by prolonged looking as smaller or slighter details become apparent. It is hoped that the meditative nature of making the work is communicated to the viewer. Sharon3



One thought on “Sharon Phelps: recent work on paper

  1. Sharon, it’s a real pleasure to finally see your work, albeit online. The way the pages scroll and I have to remember the top when I finally get to the bottom of each image (partly because of my small laptop screen) is good for reminding me that what I’m seeing is an image, not the work itself. It also entices me to scroll back up to examine further, as an eye would anyway, casting about along the surface of an artwork taking in the details, composition and evidence of making. Look forward to seeing it in the flesh too.

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